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Harvey Cohen




Yiftach Brigade, First Battalion

Date And Place Of Death

Date And Place Of Death

Assumed killed in 1948, near village of Malkiya

Security Unit

Yiftach Brigade, First Battalion

War / Battle

War of Independence

Resting Place

Body was never recovered

Dedications and memories

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Monuments Commemoration



Parents Hometown

Residence In Israel

Aliyah Date

Life Story

Harvey Cohen, 17 in April 1948, had just graduated high school in Toronto. Together with his cousin Edward Lugech, then 18, they had made their way to Marseille where they boarded the cargo ship Transylvania, together with other Mahal volunteers from abroad and Jewish refugees bound for Palestine. Arriving in Haifa on May 1 the two youths immediately joined the Palmach and were assigned to the Yiftach Brigade's First Battalion. On May 15th the Brigade assaulted the village and army base of Malkiya that controlled the main north-south artery along the Lebanese border, to block the advance of the Arab Liberation Army and the Lebanese Army. The First Batallion overran the village, but the Lebanese Army artillery immediately began shelling the Jewish companies, causing numerous casualties. The two Arab forces launched a vicious counterattack and by afternoon the batallion retreated. The Maoz Haim platoon remained on the battlefield to block the enemy and cover the rest of the batallion's retreat. It took tremendous losses, including its commander, and by nightfall it too retreated to Kibbutz Ramot Naftali. At least 22 dead were left behind and five were unaccounted for. Harvey was unaccounted for and is assumed missing in battle. The prevailing view is that the two Canadian volunteers were killed in the battle, but there are other possibilities. Currently, neither Cohen nor Lugech are counted among the fallen in Israel's wars. Their names also do not appear on the list of Palmach fallen. However, they are on the Mahal memorial and the AACI memorial, both at Shaar Hagai.
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