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Chaim (Howard) Yeheil Rothman




Date And Place Of Death

Date And Place Of Death

October 24, 2015

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Life Story

Chaim (Howard) Yeheil Rothman Howard was born in Toronto in 1960 and attended York University where he studied economics and computer science; he later earned a Masters degree in public policy at Tel-Aviv University. After university, he came to Israel and while here he became engaged to Risa Dodick, who was also from Canada. They were married in Toronto and came on aliya in 1985. He worked as an auditor in the State Controller’s Office to support his large family of 11 children, the eldest of whom died tragically in an accident while bicycling in the Jerusalem Forest. Chaim was deep in prayer on the early morning of Nov. 18, 2014, when two Palestinian terrorists stormed Jerusalem’s Kehilat Bnei Torah synagogue in Har Nof, Jerusalem, attacking worshipers with guns, knives and meat cleavers. Five people were killed including a Druze policeman who tried to stop the attack. Chaim, one of several to suffer serious injuries, remained in a coma for nearly a year before passing away on October 24, 2015. He was remembered as one of the most special people in the Har Nof community who always had a smile on his face who was loved by everyone. Chaim was survived by his wife, 10 children, 3 grandchildren, his mother, and 4 siblings.
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