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Tamar Ariel



Massuot Yitzhak

Israel Air Force

Date And Place Of Death

Date And Place Of Death

14, October, 2014, 21 Tishre, Nepal

Security Unit

Israel Air Force

War / Battle

Resting Place

Dedications and memories

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Monuments Commemoration


Massuot Yitzhak

Parents Hometown

Mother Puerto Rico; Father Israel

Residence In Israel


Aliyah Date

Life Story

Tamar Ariel was born in 1989, the third of the six children of Chanan and Anat Ariel. She grew up in Massuot Yitzchak with her Sabra father, and her mother, who was an Olah from Puerto Rico. After graduating from Ulpana, Tamar did National Service. However, for her this was not enough; she wanted to do more for her country, and so she joined the IDF, trying out for the pilot’s course, to which she was accepted. Tamar finished the course as an Israeli Air Force navigator, becoming the first female Orthodox pilot. Over the years, she held many responsible posts, serving as a role model to other aspiring young women. She flew the most combat missions in her squadron during Operation Protective Edge and was selected as the squadron’s outstanding fighter. After the operation ended, Tamar set off on a vacation trip to Nepal. There, her group was beset by snowstorms and freezing temperatures. Tamar exerted herself valiantly to save others’ lives, pushing herself to the limits, true to her training as an IDF officer and as a person. The efforts sapped her strength and she died. As a soldier who was injured to save others’ lives, Tamar was recognized by the Defense and Heritage Division of the Defense Ministry as a “fallen soldier”.
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