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Master Sergeant (res.)

Nitai Meisels



Baltimore MD

14th (Machatz) Armored Brigade

Date And Place Of Death

Date And Place Of Death

December 24, 2023 - Gaza Strip

Security Unit

14th (Machatz) Armored Brigade

War / Battle

Resting Place

Rehovot Military Cemetery

Dedications and memories

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Parents Hometown

Residence In Israel

Aliyah Date

Life Story

Nitai Meisels, son of Ayala and Eitan, was born in Baltimore during a family relocation to the US for his father's postdoctoral fellowship. He had been a student at the Atmonoa pre-military academy before his enlistment in the IDF. Nitai started in Magen David Adom, as a youth volunteer in 2009 at the Rehovot MDA Station, and was active for 3 years until he joined a pre-army course and then recruited into the Armored Corps. Two years ago, Nitai returned to volunteer at the MDA station in Rehovot, completed an EMT course, and ensured to do shifts on ambulance and mobile intensive care units (MICUs). His family had no idea that he was involved in combat, as he had told them that he was with a logistics force, helping repair tanks, and that he couldn’t answer their calls and messages due to faulty reception. Naftali was laid to rest in his hometown of Rehovot, and is survived by his parents and two sisters and a brother.
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