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Gail Rubin



New York

Date And Place Of Death

Date And Place Of Death

March 11, 1978, Maagan Michael

Security Unit

War / Battle

Resting Place

Dedications and memories

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Life Story

Gail Rubin was born in 1938 in the US to Jonathan and Estelle. She grew up in New York and attended the University of Michigan. In the 1960s she began her career as a newspaper photographer. She then decided to specialize in artistic photographs of nature, and their connection to the Bible. Her works - particularly her book 'A Psalmist with a Camera' - were published in important art journals and were exhibited in the Museum of Jewish Art in New York. Gail first came to Israel in 1969 and soon decided to stay, making her home in Givatayim. She developed a relationship with the Society for the Protection of Nature and the Nature Reserves Authority, spending hours and days photographing nature. On March 11, 1978 a band of 11 terrorists landed on the shore near Kibbutz Maagan Michael where Gail was photographing. They shot her dead and then commandeered a bus to Tel Aviv. Thirty five people, including children, were murdered before the terrorists themselves were killed. A field school of the Israel Nature Society, located at Kibbutz Ma'agen Michael, was dedicated in Gail's memory, and is used in environmental education for Israelis of all ages, especially young people.
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