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Binyamin Zeev Kahane



New York

Date And Place Of Death

Date And Place Of Death

December 31, 2000, Kfar Tapuch

Security Unit

War / Battle

Resting Place


Dedications and memories

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Monuments Commemoration



Parents Hometown

New York

Residence In Israel

Kfar Tapuch

Aliyah Date


Life Story

Binyamin Zeev Kahane was born in New York on October 3, 1966 to Libby and Rabbi Meir Kahane. In 1970 the family made aliya and settled in Jerusalem. Binyamin Zeev studied at the Mesorah elementary school, the Yeshiva L'Zeirim High School and Mercaz Harav. He then moved to 'The Jewish Idea Yeshiva' which was established by his father, and began to publish weekly papers explaining his father's ideas. He married Talia in 1988 and they lived in Kfar Tapuch. They had six children. Rabbi Meir Kahane was assasinated by an Arab in the US on Nov. 5, 1991 and Binyamin Zeev took over the leadership of his father's party, serving a jail sentence of several months before the party was outlawed. On December 31, 2000, as Binyamin Zeev and Talia were returning to their home in Kfar Tapuch from Shabbat in Jerusalem, they were shot and killed by Arab snipers. Both were buried in Jerusalem.
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